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FOX Business
Feb 27, 2014 10:00pm EST
airbags. even before that, jim engineers were concerned about potential fatalities from
FOX Business
Mar 5, 2014 10:00pm EST
. now we have the "a team." tom sullivan, a monica crowley and jim and i have not talked for a month or two and it is great to see you. let's talk with the president's poll numbers. we talk about horse races all the time but he is losing. >> give it is the big problem right now. historically presidents lose seats in the midterm elections and no reason to believe that would change this time. but that would give both houses of congress to slam the legislative agenda to zero. maybe with his executive orders. lou: the irs according to those same poll 71 percent should continue to investigate as the chairman said we may be approaching a dead end. >> they may. the next app -- step is to force her to testify but who enforces the order? it is the department of justice so the chances to do something is nothing. it is simply a game they just try to run out the clock. nine months since we have heard from her if we could have a hearing once every nine months there will definitely get past the elections and way to the end of the president's term. lou: do you think the investigation is that the influ
FOX Business
Feb 25, 2014 7:00pm EST
apply online. lou: arizona governor jim drew were contemplating whether to veto the anti-gay bill sent to dusk on monday. faced with the decision and to veto legislation that as denial of service to gays and lesbians or do nothing at all for the bill to become law. the governor is a republican and conservative but it is not clear how she will decide. her conscience and our constitution will guide her to the right course. deserved additional is embraced the constitution on every instance of every public policy issue but leaves the highest respect for individual freedom and the rights of all citizens to equal treatment under our laws. i address this issue in my book "upheaval" i hope conservatives and republicans alike and democrats can unite behind a consistent and unyielding commitment to our constitution one dash constitution that would diminish in anyway our protection to people rights for all. i am asking all republicans and independents to think about what matters most to us. in my opinion nearly every wed issue is best left to the conscience of the individual an
FOX Business
Feb 25, 2014 11:00pm EST
world. larry holmes. and jim gray from my money, the be guy who ever covered poxing, ever, two champs with us, larry, you to first, i alys said you were rodney dangerfiel of boxing you came after moment muhammad al ale a, i, did you not dodge anything, looking back at ali , and at clay, and what he did then. and how he changed boxing then, what do you think? >> i thi a great job, he was the martin luther king of boxing, he gav boxing opportunity, and pride, he went on fought the ones they put in front of him, as far as sonny liston, i was an ali fan. i think what he did was fantastic, bause i w was young, and i was rooting for muhammad ali, he could do no wrong in my book. neil: you used to be a training partner. >> i sparred with ali for four and a half years, he beat h up a couple times, i got even with him at the end. without anger. neil: but jim, i was not blowing you smoke to talk about yr contribution, someone who wawatched and analyzed this i thought, you asked the nastost questions of fighter -- nastiest questions of fighters, i always thought someone was going to hits
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)